Since 1989, Tecnifreza is headquartered in Marinha Grande – Portugal.

We are distinguished by the design and manufacturing of complex and precision molds for 1K, 2K and 3K part.
Our working methodology in partnership with our customers aims to deliver a top quality product.

Tecnifreza has molding facilities to qualify the injection molds, perform trials, small and pre-series production.

​In Tecnifreza we take pride in retaining 89 talented employees.
1k, 2k and 3k precision technical molds for the Automotive, Electrical, Electronic, Pharmaceutical, Food and Packaging industry sectors.
Tecnifreza, based in Marinha Grande, Portugal, exists since 1989 and its core competencies are designing and developing engineering projects and manufacturing 1K, 2K and 3K technical precision moulds for several industries, such as the automobile, electric, electronics, pharmaceutical, food and packaging industries.

During all its existence, Tecnifreza has been specializing itself on a technological level, as well as specializing its human resources.

We are continuously creating ideal conditions for our highly specialized collaborators, so they may successfully carry out the projects in partnership with our clients. In this moment Tecnifreza counts on 89 motivated collaborators to meet all the challenges proposed by our clients.

Our main goals are satisfying our client through quality and accuracy, by complying with the required standards, as well as having the permanent concern to obtain zero defects and optimum quality.

​Following our policies, since the year 2000 Tecnifreza is a NP EN ISO 9001 certified company in the scope of Manufacturing Injection Moulds for the Plastics Industry and Injection of Plastic Parts.